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Mercedes Benz Repair and Service

Transmission Flush

Average Frequency: Every 2 Years or 30,000 Miles on Most Vehicles

Removes gum and varnish in the transmission, torque converter filter, cooler and cooler lines
Flush old fluid from system and install new fluid
Reduces hard shifting, chattering and slipping
Provides cooler operation
Extends life of transmission

Coolant Flush

Average Frequency: Every 2 Years or 30,000 Miles on Most Vehicles

Flushes the entire cooling system
Removes rust, scale and sludge
System checked for leaks or weak or worn hoses
Service is environmentally safe

Differential Flush

Average Frequency: Every 2 Years or 30,000 Miles

Removes metal shavings and other contaminants, prolonging the life of your differential
Helps to avoid premature wear on the gears in the differential
Helps reduce wear on drive-wheel tires
Allows for better shifting

Fuel Injection Flush

Average Frequency: Every 2 years or 15,000 – 20,000 Miles for Best Performance

Reduces Fuel costs
Smoother idle and restored power performance
Cleans air intake, plenum, injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers
Reduces the chance of costly ECR failure and replacement

Brake Flush

Average Frequency: Every Year or 15,000 Miles on Most Vehicles

Verify brake fluid need for replacement with chemical test
Flush out all old brake fluid, all contamination, moisture and old fluid out of the brake system
Enhances life of critical components, including ABS system
Chemical Test and verify brake condition

ASE certified European Auto Repair

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i brought my Audi A4 into be serviced and had some minor parts replaced, i was extremely happy with both the customer service and the timely manner in witch everything was done. i will definitely be coming back. the pricing was also a huge plus and they warrantied all the work done, just wanted to give the owner Craig who dealt with me a big thanks, to him and also his friendly team of technicians.
Royce Christopher
A++ service, took my Mercedes to Campbells Auto and the guys did an outstanding job. This will be the shop I bring all my cars to from now on. If you are in the Houston area and want someone that will take care of you then bring your car to Craig. Just want to update my review. Best Shop Around!!!!!!!!
Peyton Ferguson

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